Steve Parson and Associates provides a full service, professional accounting, auditing, and tax preparation which caters to individuals, small to large businesses, and non-profit organizations. Through our professional experiences, responsive staff, and extensive consulting networks, we offer the services of large accounting firms while maintaining the flexibility of a dedicated local firm. Some of our services include:


We provide complete auditing services to businesses and non-profit organizations requiring external review and assist individuals through audits conducted by the IRS. We prepare financial statements, conduct traditional audits and reviews, and then explain how we arrived at our assessment.


We specialize in preparing and maintaing financial records for small and medium sized S corporations, partnerships, and LLCs, and perform the same services for individuals and large businesses. Throughout the bookkeeping process, we review the records and provide an overall assessment of financial strengths and weaknesses. We also provide guidance to reinforce the strengths and to remedy any weaknesses.

Cost Accounting

Managers rely on cost accounting to prepare budgets and account for the actual cost of operations including supply chains and specific products and departments. At Steve Parson and Associates, we analyze financial records to assist managers make critical financial decisions.

Multi-State Tax Filings

Steve Parson and Associates prepares tax returns for businesses and individuals with tax liabilities spanning multiple states. If you or your business offers services in multiple states or has recently moved, we will provide tax guidance and prepare tax filings for all of the necessary jurisdictions.


We professionally serve as the payroll department for businesses of all size. Our complete payroll services include regular employee paycheck writing and mailing, adhoc check writing and mailing for non-employees and consultants, and 1099 and W2 preparation.


Many businesses are using QuickBooks for accounting and on-site bookkeeping. Steve Parson and Associates can work with your current on-site bookkeeper to share QuickBooks files to enable us to efficiently perform other professional accounting services.

Tax Return Preparation

Steve Parson and Associates professionally prepares tax filings for individuals and a wide range of organizations. We are proud to stand behind the accuracy and integrity of our work, and providing comprehensive support whenever needed.

More Information

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact us by phone at (412) 367-8535, email us at , or stop by our office, conveniently located across from North Park Lounge on Babcock Boulevard near Duncan Avenue in the Town of McCandless.
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